Our Surety Bonds

Are written through our insurance agency, Hill Insurance & Financial Services.  We have access to many bonds for each state.


Our popular Surtey Bonds include probate, license and dishonesty bonds.We also sell other bonds that you may need.  

A surety bond is a three-party agreement that guarantees the performance of a contact or other obligation. Most are required by a court or other government entity. 

Fidelity bonds protect employers against employee theft. Some of our popular fidelity bonds are:

• Janitorial Bonds
• Employee Dishonestly Bonds
• Pension Trust (ERISA) Bonds

Court bonds require you to abide by a court order or to make sure you dispose of or manage other’s assets. Some of our popular court bonds are:

• Probate Bonds
• Custodian Bonds
• Fiduciary Bonds

License and Permit bonds are required to obtain a license or permit with a government entity:

• Auto Dealer Bonds
• Contractor Bonds
• DMEPOS Bonds
• Notary Bonds

Don’t see your bond?

Don’t worry! Our companies sell thousands of bonds nationwide.  Just name your bond and we will shop it for you with our national companies.

Bad Credit?

Don’t worry!! Although your bond may cost a little more, we will shop your bond with different sources to get you approved